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OnePager posted below, and click the Signup button to help with the trip and game
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• Pre-Arranged Absence Form & Signed Parent Note
     - ALL PLAYERS must complete the Pre-Arranged Absence form
     - We created a pre-filled one for you (linked below)
     - Complete the remainder of the form, including: Name, Grade and the shaded portion ay the bottom
     - Attach a SIGNED PARENT NOTE stating the reason for the absence; we have created one for you to print and sign (linked below), or use your own
     - Take the form and attached parent note to 5th, 6th and 7th period teachers and have each complete and initial
     - Turn in the completed form and attached parent note to the attendance office BEFORE the end of school on TUE 2/25
• Departure from Hoover HS
     - Players will need to bring ALL GEAR, uniform and reversible to school on FRI 2/28
     - Assuming players did what they were supposed to with the Pre-Arranged Absence form; the will be excused after 4th period (12:44p)
     - Players that drive are allowed to leave their cars at the school, but the vehicles MUST REMAIN in their assigned spaces (or are subject to tow)
     - Bus from Adventure Travel will arrive at school at 12:45p
     - Students that have not had lunch yet will need to pack a lunch to eat on the bus
     - Players can begin boarding the bus before 1p; loading all lacrosse gear underneath
     - Bus will depart promptly at 1:15 PM CST
     - We’re expecting ALL PLAYERS to ride the bus.  If you need to travel to Chattanooga another way, notify your coach in advance  
• Player Arrival (Chattanooga is in the Eastern Time Zone)
     - Bus should arrive at the McCallie School before 5p ET
     - Bus will park adjacent to the stadium
     - JV Players will unload first and head to provided locker room to dress
     - Varsity will unload and bring their gear to the locker room after JV has taken the field for warmup
• Parent Arrival (Chattanooga is in the Eastern Time Zone)
     - When parents arrive at the campus, you will be directed to follow signs for parking
     - Signs will point you to the lot near the “Sports and Activities Building”
     - McCallie Lacrosse game tickets are $5/adult and $3/student
     - Concession stand will be open
     - See the McCallie information page (linked below) including maps & driving directions 
• Games 
     - JV game will start at 6p ET
     - Varsity game scheduled start is 8p ET
     - Please see the Signup for game help we will need
• Player Dinner 
     - We have arranged for boxed dinners from Jason’s Deli to be delivered 
     - JV-only players will pick up their dinner at the conclusion of the JV game
     - Varsity players will pick up their dinner on the way back to the bus after the Varsity game
     - Bottled water will be available 
• Parents/Siblings Riding the Bus
     - Bus space is primarily for players and coaches, but a handful of players have already notified us they are unable to make the trip
     - After we get a final count, there will likely be space, and parents and siblings that are interested are welcome to available seats on the bus (first-come-first-served)
     - Siblings will not be allowed to ride the bus without a parent
     - All non-players that ride the bus are encouraged to help offset the cost (see below), and will be included in the count for our dinner box order
• Costs & Donations
     - We did budget for all this, but the reason we were looking into cancelling the bus recently was to offset our projected revenue shortfall
     - Anyone that wants us to help make up that shortfall by “donating” your player’s portion of the trip cost, it comes out to about $33 ($27/person for the bus + $6 for dinner)
     - See our Fundraising page for online donations; or write a check to Hoover Lacrosse and get it to Coach Wittig 
     - Of course, if you want to donate more than the $33/person, you’re welcome to
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