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Air Travel with Lacrosse Sticks

posted Nov 20, 2014, 7:38 AM by Bill Wittig   [ updated Nov 20, 2014, 9:39 AM ]
Back in April 2013 the lacrosse world gave a collective sigh of relief as TSA announced that Lacrosse sticks would be allowed as a permitted item for carry-on baggage.  Unfortunately, that rule change never really took hold or has since been ignored or changed back.  The TSA website's current list of prohibited items

So, what's the best way to check your lacrosse stick?  Here are a few tips (first for shorties)

 • Remove the lacrosse head(s) from the shaft(s)
 • Tape the shafts together (if you're bringing a primary and backup stick)
 • Wrap the shafts in a towel and place in the lacrosse bag

If you are bringing a d-pole or a goalie stick that will not fit into the lacrosse bag

 • Will likely need to check that shaft separately
 • Take the head off (put it safely in another checked bag)
 • Put a piece of tape on the shaft
 • Write down the same info you would on a luggage tag on that tape
 • At check in, airline will place a barcoded sticker on that shaft and check it as an oversized piece (and maybe they'll be nice about the extra charges, if applicable)
 • At arrival, pick up the shaft in the oversized luggage area behind baggage claim (or wherever the oversized area is at your destination airport)

Oh, and DON'T FORGET to pack a screwdriver in one of your CHECKED bags.  If you have other tips or suggestions - let us know in the comments!

Safe travels!