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Save the Date - Hoover Lacrosse Auction

posted Jan 10, 2015, 7:18 PM by Bill Wittig   [ updated Jan 10, 2015, 7:19 PM ]
Welcome Hoover Lacrosse Parents!
Annual Auction & Cocktail Party
Saturday, February 7th

Shades Creek Park Clubhouse
In James Hill/Ross Bridge
3701 James Hill Circle
7pm – 10pm

Patrick will begin the night with an informal parents meeting—please do not miss it!
This is our biggest fundraiser and we really need your support for this fun and exciting event! It’s time to look through your garage, cupboards and closets to find new or like new items in the $30 and up value range to bring to the auction.  You can also ask for a gift donation from local shops or restaurants. This is a fun event and a real auction.  We will all receive a bidding paddle and appetizers will be served.  Bring your favorite drink (alcohol is allowed) and a heavy appetizer to share!
Ok… here is how it works.  Everyone is asked to bring two auction items, just anything interesting that you think someone else would like.  Last year some of the highest priced items were… furniture, lake house rentals, decorative urns, spa treatments, tools, purses, sports items/tickets, series of books in a beach bag, & wine baskets-- but trust me we had everything!  We had gift cards (if you can get them donated they make a great auction item!), each of you needs to think, think, think… because you have great stuff!  Sports tickets that can be donated or beach condo stays (not kidding… our first year this was our biggest ticket item and SO much fun to bid on!) You could also donate a service ex: free will preparation or room painting, or a home cooked dinner delivery.
Remember— fun and great deals are to be had!  This is great opportunity to meet the other parents and support our lacrosse team. If you absolutely can’t make it a monetary donation would be appreciated...we do need the money. Bring cash or your checkbooks!
This night is for parents only!
Feel free to email me with any questions!
See you soon,
Amanda Bishop