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Spring Break 2016

posted Mar 25, 2016, 8:11 AM by Bill Wittig
Repost of item from 2015...

Thoughts as we head into spring break…

When those outside the sport hear about lacrosse it’s almost always negative. The infamous episode at Duke in 2006; the brutal murder of Yeardley Love at Virginia in 2010; and the NCAA report that showed lacrosse with higher substance-use rates than any other sport. 

But forget the headlines. There are incidents, recent and past, major and minor, involving our own high school team’s players. Incidents whose impact goes beyond the individual circumstance. Incidents that cause our school and athletic administration to hesitate when lacrosse requests resources or support. Incidents that turn interested parents and players away from the sport, because they don’t want to be associated with “that crowd.” Incidents that make it that much harder for the majority of us that are trying to do the right things.  

Players, DON’T be selfish. DON’T put yourself in compromising situations. DON’T get arrested. DON’T drink alcohol or use drugs. DON’T do anything to put your teammates, coaches, parents and board members in a position where our only alternative is to turn you away. DON’T test our resolve to kick you off the team if you give us a reason, no matter who you are.

DO read and reread your Code of Conduct. DO follow the Code of Conduct. DO encourage each other to behave appropriately. DO be safe. DO have fun. DO enjoy yourself. DO so responsibly.  

The team has worked too hard. There is still so much in front of us in 2016. Whether it’s continuing the great progress we’ve made on JV, or winning a fifth championship in Varsity. Let’s not ruin it by doing something stupid.

Everyone have an awesome spring break. Safe travels. DO NOT let the next NINE DAYS go by without touching your stick and working out. 

See EVERYONE at practice after the break. Happy Easter and…