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Update – 12/11/2014

posted Dec 11, 2014, 10:28 AM by Bill Wittig

Last of the REQUIRED conditioning sessions is tonight; we expect to see EVERYONE there.

• THU 12/11 Conditioning (tonight)
     - WHEN: 6:15p to 8:00p (get there EARLY)
     - WHERE: Old Berry
     - BRING: helmet, stick, gloves, shoes for the track, plenty of water

• Code of Conduct (CoC)
     - Still missing completed CoCs from a number of players and parents; look for the  checkmarks on our online Roster to see if we have yours
     - Printable CoCs can be found by click the Downloads button above
     - Print, sign and date the documents
     - Player CoC requires signature of the player and at least one parent, but both parents signing is preferred
     - Same with the Parent CoC; we prefer BOTH parents sign when possible
     - Also, note item #4 on the Player CoC asks for player and parent initials if you intend to participate in Hoover Lacrosse’s request to collect academic performance information
     - Please return the completed CoCs to us at practice; or you can scan and email to our team address (; or fax to 205-262-3951

• Next Week, same MON-TUE-THU Conditioning schedule
     - WHEN: 6:15p to 8:00p
     - WHERE: Old Berry Middle School
     - Sessions next week are OPTIONAL because it is exam week, but taking a study break to clear your head get in a solid workout will likely pay off for you on the field AND in the testing room

• MON 12/15 Registration Ends
     - There are still 2-3 players that have not registered that MUST do so before 12/15
     - Click here and follow the Registration links
     - If others of you are still on the fence about joining the team for 2015; please give me or any of the coaches a call before MON.  We’d love to have you

Going forward we will ONLY use contact info from Spring 2015 Registrations. Use the OneCallNow link here and at the bottom of most emails, to add other email addresses or cell phone numbers to our OneCallNow system. See everyone BEFORE 6:15p tonight!