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*URGENT* Hoover Lacrosse Grade Requests

posted Jan 22, 2015, 9:29 AM by Bill Wittig   [ updated Jan 23, 2015, 9:21 AM ]
The Hoover Lacrosse Board is asking ALL PARENTS to please take a moment and submit your player’s Grade Point Average from the 2nd nine weeks. As a reminder, academic performance is something we are taking very seriously. We included academics in our 2015 Player Code of Conduct (find copy here). The Board set the GPA minimum at 2.5 to underscore our commitment to enforcing the behavior and standards we expect of our student athletes.
Parents WE MUST HEAR FROM EVERYONE by this Sunday (1/25). You have two options:  
OPTION 1: Complete the Grade Information Request
     - Click here to access the online form
OPTION 2: SEND an Email (click here)
     - Include in the email the requested GPA (weighted and unweighted for the 2nd nine weeks only)
     - Or if you elect not to participate, let us know in your email that you prefer not to provide the information
Only our Board President, Bill Wittig will have access to submitted individual player GPA information as of now. We do plan to share the aggregated GPA information (by team and by class) with all of you and with the Hoover HS Athletic Director – in hopes of demonstrating the high standard our program and players hold themselves to. If you have any questions please contact Bill Wittig.